Another blog inspired by all this dirty shit on the internet.

Being fans of lesbian and straight sex porn. We can't think of too many things kinkier or more interesting than if a lesbian all of a sudden grew a penis and just started banging the hell out of of her lesbian partner.

See, for us, when a shemale and female have sex it fucks our heads up because so many girly boys (trannies) don't want their cocks and so many lesbians don't want thier vaginas. They're like lesbians with dicks or gays with pussies.

Well the closest you will ever cum to a reality of that concept is this dirty ass blog inspired by the dirty shit people send us.

She brings her beauty, they both bring their boobs, and she brings her balls.

Lesbians with Dicks?! I think you like this dirty shit, cuz it's KINKY!!!! :)

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